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Book of Days - Part 15
Chapter 15 -10th. Day of the Third Month, Year 11 AE.
It has been a long time, O diary, since I have had so glorious a day.
I am like a pressed flower that has by some magic regained the vibrancy and fragrance of a bloom in the field upon being removed from betwixt the pages of the book that had been used to flatten it.
Morning arrived on dainty hooves and fluttering wings of snowy white, as darling Crimson and I found ourselves pounced and then pranced upon by my dearest Dawn Heart, to a merry refrain of "Wadybugs Awake!" and glad exhortations to "Wake up, Cwovuh! Wake up, Cwimson!"
Defending the sovereign territory of our bed from this winsome invader, I let out a battle cry like a diving pegasus warrior and with a mighty heave overturned the dear filly onto her back. Striking like a quaray eel, I threw off my covers and went in for the tickle, blowing a veritable bushel of raspberries into her tummy to much squealing and flailing of legs and wings. [1]
While the routed besieger of C
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Book of Days - Part 14
Chapter 14 -9th. Day of the Third Month, Year 11 AE.
We have done it.
The new beacon has risen in the skies of Equestria. Huzzah and glad tidings to all pony-kind. Long may our kingdom stand and prosper.
Do not mind the tears that stain your pages, O diary, they are naturally tears of triumphant joy, not of shame and regret.
And gratitude.
By all the powers, the price that I might have paid for this to come to pass would have been more than I could bear.
I have little doubt that even now our praises are being sung in the vaulted halls of Castle Canter, among the high colonnades of Cloudsdale, and atop the roofs of Mane Hat, and for their part Cookie and Pansy are well deserving of the accolades, but I would that my name be struck from the roll of honor.
I most certainly do not deserve to be known as "The Clever" for what I have done this day.
While glad I am that the cool blue light of the great diamond now shines among the stars, it will always be a reminder of this night to me. And s
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Book of Days - Part 13
Chapter 13 -30th. Day of the Twelfth Month, Year 10 AE.
O diary, my ever patient confidant, woe that the dust lay so thickly upon your cover now that I finally return with quill aglimmer.
Much has gone on in the long months since last I turned your pages to put thoughts to parchment. The lingering glow of late summer was burnished to autumnal gold by the ever busy hooves of our earth pony brethren, passing with rich harvest feasting and the thundering of hooves to shake the leaves from our as yet untamed orchard. With the typical industry of their tribe dear Cookie and her family laid in plentiful supplies, filling Paradise Estate's larders near to bursting. Then snug as mice we tucked in for winter's coming.
It was a far gentler draping of the white veil than those of us who lived through the Great Migration recall, O diary. Now the crisp air rings with the laughter of well-fed foals playing in the snow and the rustle of friendly pegasi wings marshaling the soft grey clouds overhead r
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Movie Magic - Part 2
Nurse Poultice held a pointer in her teeth and tapped it on a slightly faded eye chart, speaking to her patient through the sides of her mouth. "Hokay, read me the shmallesht line y'all can shee."
Twilight dutifully held the opaque paddle over her unscathed eye and peered across the test site infirmary's cramped exam room at the rows of letters. The relentless, colorful sparkles in her right eye were starting to give her a mild headache, but they seemed to settle down as she concentrated. "Um... 'Manufactured under Crown Charter by the Twenty Twenty Optometrical Supplies Company, Manehattan, Equestria.'"
The earth pony nurse blinked, then craned her neck to peer at a tiny line of text at the very bottom of the chart. After a moment she pulled out a pair of glasses and put them on, squinting as she pushed her snout against the paper, Her pointer clattered on the concrete floor as her jaw dropped open in shock. She turned and stared wide eyed over the top of her s
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Movie Magic - Part 1
The screen flickers to life as the lights go down and an expectant hush falls over the audience.
A jaunty fanfare plays, as a topographic map of continental Equestria fades into view. Multicolored fireworks burst and flicker across the skies over the verdant kingdom, resolving into the smiling visage of a cobalt blue unicorn mare with a pale blue mane and a gleam in her amethyst colored eyes. Her horn sparkles as the words appear over her in pleasing cursive writing. "The Spectacular Trixie Presents A Lulamoon Studios Production!"
With a convivial wink she fades out, replaced by the image of a handsome stallion in a Harmony Flight Harness carrying a movie camera rig and peering through the viewfinder as he traverses the map from one side to the other. Trailing behind him, a glamorous pegasus mare with flowing blonde hair and a sash emblazoned with the word 'veritas' tows a fluttering banner that proclaims: "Eye on Equestria! All the news the nation needs now!"
The s
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Movie Magic by WarrenHutch Movie Magic :iconwarrenhutch:WarrenHutch 14 0
Out of the Nest
Fluttershy hummed softly to herself as she scattered millet from a sack clenched in her teeth across the dirt of her newly built chicken enclosure, smiling at her little starter flock of chicks as they darted to and fro and filled the air with a trilling chatter of peeps and chirps. The soft glow of the sunrise gleamed alike on her pale yellow coat and on her tiny charges' downy fluff.
The young pegasus' tune trailed off as she realized that somepony was humming along with her in a rich contralto, at first distant but coming closer and accompanied by a steady tread that she could feel through her hooves. All around her the baby chicks had gone still, stopping in their tracks and nestling low to the ground like little dandelions, staring intently toward the edge of the forest with nary a peep.
She set her feed sack down and turned, a bright smile lighting up her features as she met the gentle, timeless gaze of the gleaming newcomer who towered like a snowy mountain spire over the fence.
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Out of the Nest by WarrenHutch Out of the Nest :iconwarrenhutch:WarrenHutch 8 0
Book Of Days - Part 12
Chapter 12 -18th. Day of the Ninth Month, Year 10 AE.
The following hoof full of days seemed to pass excruciatingly slowly, O diary, as we essentially camped out inside a house, living like vagabonds among our boxes of belongings. It did not seem meet to begin unpacking in earnest until dear Cookie and her family joined us, so that as one we could decide how our newfound dwelling would be divided among us.
I was most impatient to return to my research on the confounded sky beacon, but I dared not begin in earnest lest I would be obliged to stop again and throw in a hoof at helping to set up our household once our erstwhile earth ponies arrived.
Thus, I mostly laid out in the fields around Paradise Estate with Crimson and his viol, passing the languid late summer days watching little Dawn caper and explore among the wildflowers. Well, in truth I did not lay so much as pace furrows in the ground and grump to all and sundry. (And thus the student becomes as her master. Mayhap I should sti
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Author Insert
    Her Royal Highness Princess Twilight Sparkle was positively giddy, which was an unusual state for most of Equestrian royalty, who tended, in general, to be rather restrained in their display of emotions, the Royal Canterlot Voice notwithstanding. As was often the case the lavender alicorn was an exception to the rule.
    There was a fairly short list of things that caused this condition in ponydom's newest princess:  
    Getting to spend time having fun with her friends.
    Any sort of compliment or otherwise positive reinforcement from Princess Celestia.
    A freshly completed checklist.
    It was a combination of all four of Princess Twilight's giddiness inducers that had her in such a state today. She'd used her newfound royal clout to arrange a literary symposium and book signing in Ponyville at the Golden Oaks Library with some of Equestria's most
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Author Insert Cover by WarrenHutch Author Insert Cover :iconwarrenhutch:WarrenHutch 4 0
The White Mare - Epilogue
Applejack stood on the platform of Manehattan's train station, peering from under the brim of her slope cap as she watched the sweeping suspension bridge for the telltale trail of billowing white smoke that would foretell the arrival of the express train from Canterville. She reached up and raised the collar of her canvas jacket as a cool autumn wind blew by, scattering gold and brown leaves among the hooves of the bustling crowds of ponies who went about their business around her.
Her ears perked up at the sound of a silvery voice calling out to her from the stairs that led down to the taxi stand. "Yoo hoo! Applejack! Darling!"
The blonde earth pony turned with a smile as she saw an alabaster hued unicorn mare clad in a stylish, dove grey trench coat and cloche hat ensemble weave her way deftly through the milling herd with a large pastry bag trailing in her wake wreathed in shimmering blue white magic.
She waved a hoof in greeting to her friend as she stepped forward to meet i
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The White Mare - Chapter 9
Fluttershy awoke to the sight of glowing pink butterflies, or at least something shaped like them, hovering over her in a scintillating cloud. She realized she was laying on her back with her wings splayed open on the ground, staring up through the skeletal roof supports of the grand hall at a twilight sky somewhere between night and day. The ephemeral shapes eddied and drifted on a warm breeze as she heard low groans and stirring around her.
She lurched up to a seated position and blinked groggily as she took in her surroundings, and saw her five friends laying beneath their own clouds of butterflies, each a different color. Dash's were bold red, Applejack's were warm orange, Pinkie's were bright blue, Rarity's were rich purple, and Twilight's were a vibrant magenta.
Fluttershy climbed to her hooves and called to them. "Um... is everypony okay?" Her little halo of gleaming pink motes dispersed to a wider radius around her.
Twilight's shaky voice sounded in reply. "What happened?"
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The White Mare - Chapter 8
After a few moments of hurried preparation they set out, galloping beneath the stars along the winding path through the field behind Fluttershy's house toward the expectant blackness of the Everfree forest. Each carried one of the mysterious white stones in their saddlebags, along with other hastily gathered necessities for a trip into the unknown. They paused at the natural gateway formed by a pair of large, gnarled trees.
Dash turned to her fellow pegasus, her brushed steel barding gleaming in the moonlight. "All right, Fluttershy. You know these woods better than anypony alive. Lead the way."
The pale yellow mare ruffled her wings and took a cautious step forward, peering into the gaping maw of shadow before her and seeing nothing but vague, threatening outlines within. She'd never ventured into the forest at night, at least never without the softly gleaming, protective presence of Celestia at her side.
But now it was only her and five other frail, fallible little ponies, going fort
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The White Mare - Chapter 7
Applejack, Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie, and Zecora galloped out the back door of Fluttershy's cottage, gathering around the maple tree's base as the pegasus mares dove into the shaking, shivering canopy and set about extricating the pony that had suddenly appeared among the branches. They fended off a few disoriented, panicked kicks before she exhausted herself and fainted, allowing them to work her free and bring her down to the ground, where they laid her on the grass among the other's hooves.
Dash drew herself up and called out to her fellow ranger over by the chicken coop. "Soarin! Bring that lantern over here!"
The stallion flicked his tail and maintained his steady, stiff necked position as he spoke with a note of bitter chagrin on his voice. "No can do, Dash. My orders are to guard Artifact A. You know the regs."
She stomped a hoof and snarled in reply. "Artifact A can get bucked off a cloud! We've got a squaddie down over here and if you don't bring us that light so help me Hurric
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The White Mare - Chapter 6
Fluttershy reared back at her doorstep with a gasp. "Z-zecora? What happened?"
She'd known the zebra mystic for a long time, as far as a near recluse might know an even more reclusive hermit, and she'd never seen her like this before. Normally, whenever their paths crossed in the murky glades of the Everfree, the zebra was cordial but slightly aloof, with a seemingly bottomless well of poise and a palpable air of exotic mystery about her.
Now Zecora stood with piteously drooping ears and tail, a quivering lower lip, and shaking knees, bowed beneath a disorganized heap of lumpy bundles and hastily lashed together furniture. Her white stripes were a shade paler, especially around her face, and her eyes were reddened and dripping with tears.
She gave a bow, which nearly threatened to tip her burden in through the doorway. "S-solemn greetings, dear Fluttershy, this day I c-cannot help but cry. The Shining Lady has cast me out, and now I wander in fear and doubt."
The yellow p
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Warren Hutch
United States
My nom de plume is Warren Hutch, and I'm mostly a lurker around here. My main repository of artwork is on FurAffinity, since most of the stuff is pertinent to that particular slice of web country.

Still, I've got a couple things that might interest the folks around here that I'll post from time to time. I'm much obliged if you want to stop by and check 'em out.

Current Residence: Boston, MA
Favourite genre of music: Ska, Funk, Surf Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop, Chap Hop, Nerdcore
Personal Quote: "Good is relative, Better is Absolute"
The advent of the Sisters, Princess Cadance, and the Royal Family of the Unicorns.

After watching the recent Season 2 finale, I've been mulling over some ideas in terms of the nature the Princesses that we've seen in canon. This is a ramble based on my own headcanon, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm sure genuine canon will blow several holes in this eventually.

I'll start with my belief that Celestia and Luna as immortal demigoddesses were not born in the conventional sense of having two parents, but manifested rather like Aphrodite from the sea foam, or any number of other mythic deities who sprang fully formed from the elements.

In this case, I believe that both Sisters were born from the fiery heart that manifested in the sky when the three pony tribes came together to found Equestria. If I were to flesh out the story I'd posit that Celestia, the eldest, was born when the morning sun rose on the longest day, making the Summer Sun Celebration also her "birthday". After her arrival, I imagine the heart would be much reduced in size, softly glowing and only visible at night, until during a full moon on the longest night, Princess Luna, the younger sister, came into the world. Both Princesses, in addition to being granted power over the sun and moon, also represent aspects of all three pony types, as they were born from the harmony of the tribes.

(On a side note, the flaming heart seen over Canterlot at the end of "Hearths Warming Eve" in my mind is a traditional firework or illusion cast by unicorns to commemorate the original manifestation of friendship between the tribes.)

I imagine that shortly after the Sisters were born, they were adopted as honorary members of the hereditary royalty of the unicorns, making them the "daughters" of the unicorn monarch (perhaps of Queen Platinum, after she succeeded to her father's throne). This would make them adopted sisters to the monarch's children, and aunts in turn to their children, so on and so on through generations until everypony with any connection to the unicorn royalty would be considered the Princesses' nieces and nephews. Technically, Prince Blueblood or Princess Cadance would be great great great great(to the nth degree) nephew or niece, but since there's only so much space on a scroll or so much breath in a herald's lungs, they just say "niece" or "nephew".

This idea further explains why as rulers of Equestria the Sisters stayed with the title of Princess rather than assume the mantle of Queen, as they are adopted members of the royal family rather than blood relations. There may even be a nominal King or Queen of the unicorns still, but true power has been in the Princesses' hooves for a long time and it would at most be a ceremonial position like most modern day kings and queens on earth.

I'm not entirely certain how the Sisters' battle with Discord features into this. I might well imagine that the Sisters were alive before the villainous chaos spirit's arrival on the scene. Perhaps without the flaming heart to remind the ponies their divisions and quarrels would have given him more and more power until he took over, eventually forcing the Princesses' into a conflict with him, until such time as they used the Elements of Harmony to defeat him and took back control of the day and night.

Now regarding Princess Cadance, I believe that she isn't an alicorn so much as she is a winged unicorn. I imagine that shortly after the founding of Equestria, there was a fair bit of intermarrying to cement political and social ties between the three tribes of ponies, and thus pegasi nobility would marry into the unicorn royal family. Eventually, hybrid ponies with both wings and horns would arise, perhaps exclusively to Canterlot royalty. (Which is a damn sight better than Hemophilia as a sign of royal breeding.)

Crossbreeds with earth ponies would be a lot less easy to spot, as in the case of Pound and Pumpkin cake where having unicorns or pegasi in the bloodline could result in a typical looking specimen of any of the three types, even though technically they would be hybrids. I also imagine that perhaps cementing ties between ruling families wasn't as important with the earth ponies as they seemed to be operating in a more egalitarian mode, with an elected chancellor instead of a hereditary ruler.

Perhaps winged unicorns pop up among pegasi populations as well, but I see it as being much less common if not nonexistent due to the logistical difficulties of a ground bound pony marrying into a pegasi family. A lot depends on when the cloud walking spell Twilight cast in "Sonic Rainboom" was invented, but even if it dates back to pre-Equestrian times (which I doubt, due to the conflict between the tribes), it would also mean that the earth pony or unicorn bride or groom would be essentially a prisoner in their home in a pegasi community.

Further evidence, in my mind, that Cadance is a unicorn with wings rather than an alicorn is that she's mortal. She's seen to have aged from being a teenager when she was babysitting Twilight. I presume she's capable of bearing children to Shining Armor, and I also presume she will grow old and eventually pass on with him. (Of course, these are purely assumptions, but there is no canon support for the idea that Celestia or Luna ever married or produced offspring, so it's essentially a very open area to interpretation.)

An immortal would probably avoid marriage to not have to go through their beloved fading away before their eyes while they stay the same. Even if Cadance was a recently born immortal, I'd presume that as benevolent members of the royal family Celestia and Luna would gently nudge her away from bringing that sort of heartbreak onto herself.

Also, her magical ability to create love between ponies seems more on par with a typical unicorn's special magical talent, like Rarity's gem finding or Shining Armor's shield spell. (Whereas Twilight, as a magical prodigy capable of duplicating other unicorns' unique abilities, is a bit more a-typical.) This, and the fact that she has a normal mane rather than the flowing, etherial mane that marks the power of the royal Sisters, points to her more natural origins.

And so that's how I think Cadance fits in to the world of Equestria, as a mortal scion of the unicorn royal family, a descendent of pegasi nobles and unicorn kings and queens, honorary niece to the Sisters as are all the nobility of Canterlot, and future mother of Shining Armor's children and Twilight Sparkle's nieces and nephews.


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